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this is not a game. Unoffical Guide.

—Thief advice

General tips and tricks

How to steal without getting caught?

How to develop your character fast?

How to steal and sell big items?

How to speed up time flow?

How to get S rating for a theft?

—Thief Simulatorplay mechanics


Running away from the police

Theft and selling loot

Character development system

—Tools and items

Which items are worth carrying?

Where to store useless items?

Available tools

—Houses for robbery

List of houses

101 – The Smiths

102 – The Johnsons

103 – The Williams

104 – The Jones

105 – The Davis

106 – The Millers

107 – The Wilsons

108 – The Taylors

109 – The Martins

110 – The Bakers

111 – The Carters

112 – The Watsons

113 – The Powells

201 – The Reeds

204 – The Pattersons

205 – The Torres

206 – The Washingtons

207 – The Fosters

208 – The Adams



System Requirements


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