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this is not a game. Unoffical Guide.

—gameplay basics




Colors around the character level



Good item sets for start

Which skills are the best for healing?

Combat Guide

Armor and health points

Endgame – World Tier


Solo build

DPS – Life Steal

Tank – Ballistic Shield


East Mall

Judiciary Square


Federal Triangle

Downtown East

White House

Dark Zone South


Faction keys – what is it?

How to install mods?

Special ammo, what weapons can use it?

Where to find photos?

Where can I look my collectibles?

How to zoom with my scope?

How to personalize my clan?

How to activate challenges?

How to unlock specializations?

How to deal with enemies?

Does The Division 2 offer crossplay?

Does The Division 2 require PS+?

The Division 2 have a season pass?

How to gain experience quickly?

How to unlock Bounties?

How to quickly get crafting materials?

How to unlock the Dark Zones?

How to unlock a Clan?

How to change the hairstyle?

Can you play in single player mode?

How to reset a mission?

Disassemble, sell, or donate items

How to unlock abilities?

How to level-up solo?

Does The Division 2 have matchmaking?

Does The Division 2 have PvP modes?

Which skills to choose at the beginning?

How does the co-op mode work?


Weapon perks

Armor perks

Item sets

—Dark Zones

Dark Zones


Rouge system

Dark Zone East Map


Unlocking and development




—Conflict – PvP modes

Skirmish and Domination

—Additional Activities


Propaganda Broadcast

Control Point

Public Execution and Rescue Operation

Supply Drop

Territory Control + elite

Contamination Zones

Resource Convoys

—The Base of Operations and Settlements

White House






System requirements

Graphics options

The Division 2 Editions

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