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this is not a game. Unoffical Guide.

—Survivor List

Character Survivor List

Commando Guide

Huntress Guide

MUL-T Guide

Engineer Guide

Mercenary Guide

Artificer Guide

Rex Guide

—Boss List

All Boss Fight List

How To Beat Wandering Vagrant

How To Beat Beetle Queen

How To Beat Stone Titan

How To Beat Magma Worm

How To Beat Greater Wisp

How To Beat Imp Overlord

How To Beat Clay Dunestrider

How To Beat Great Elder Lumerian

How To Beat Aurelionite

—Play Tips & Guide

Beginner Tips & Guide

How To Find A Teleporter

Chests & Interactive Environment

What Are Portals?

Differences In Difficulty

How To Play Multiplayer

About Leveling Up

What Happens When You Die

How To Farm Money Fast

How To Get Lunar Coin

—Useful Information

All Newt Altar Locations List

All Challenge List

All Items & Equipment List

PC System Requirements

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