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Starting Tips for RDO

Online game modes

Inviting players to play with

Cash, experience, and gold



—Combat and Equipment

The weapons arsenal available

Ammunition and gunsmith

Covers and the Dead Eye

Fishing and hunting

—Main character

Character creation system

Dead Eye – list of abilities

—Story missions


Honor Among Horse Thieves

Love and Honor

The Right Side of the Tracks

If the Hat Fits…

Where Your Morals Lead You

Highly Illegal and Highly Immoral

Kerosene, Tart and Greed

More Than One Way to Earn a Buck

Kill Them, Each and Every One


How to delete your current character?

Can you disable PvP?

Can you rob banks or trains?

How to get money fast?

How to unlock all story missions?

How to change the appearance?

How to get a fishing rod?

How to quickly increase honor?

Why should I get horse insurance?

Will RDO receive a progress wipe?

How to find treasure maps?

How to get a big amount of experience?

—Awards and Ranks Unlocks

List of Awards in RDO

Rank Unlocks in RDO


Week 1 Patch

Gun Rush patch

Daily Challenges

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