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this is not a game. Unoffical Guide.


—Main quests


Call to Adventure

Looking to the Future

Mixed Legacies

Ash Giants

Blood Under the Sun

—Heroic Kingdom of Levant

Tending the Flame

Sand Corsairs

—Side quests

Side quests list



—Outward guide

—World Atlas

Outward Map

How to travel between lands?


Starting Tips


Food and drinks


Recipes and blueprints

Cooperation mode

How to play Outward without losing your mind?

Cheats and codes

—Combat and equipment

Best weapons



How to craft your own weapons?


Which faction is worth joining?

My inventory is empty, what now?

How to get the Fishing Harpoon?

How to get the Mining Pick?

How to get the bow?

How to Refill Oil in the Lamp?

How to Regenerate Health?

How to find a safe place to sleep?

How to recover lost backpack?

How to get clean water and Waterskin?

How to earn the 150 silver at the beginning?

How to escape the prison?

How to load game saves?

How to obtain salt?

How to attatch lamp to the backpack?

How to remove an infection?

How to warm up the character?

How do I get Skeleton Armor Set?



System requirements

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