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this is not a game. Unoffical Guide.


Starting tips

Development and gear selection

Party Members


Dealing with difficult opponents

Trophy list





How to heal team members?

Can I sell spare and unused items?

Why don’t the abilities cooldown?

How to change weapons?

Are all abilities always active?

How to get silent weapons?

How to extinguish a fire?

How to deal with enemy robots?

—World Atlas

The Metal Bird

East Outpost

The Ark Outskirts

The Ark

Hammon’s Cabin

The High Road

The Fallen Angel

Cave of Fear

The Sea Titans

House of Bones

Izza and Fala

The Iron Serpent


Metal Fields

The Castle of Light

The Unenlightened

The Rot Warren

Lair of the Horned Devil


The Grogg Den

Spear of Heaven

The World Ender

Grave of the Ancients

The Forbidden City

The Sealed Gate


—Controls and system requirements


System requirements

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