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—Metro Exodus guide


Starting tips




How to obtain resources?

—Weapons and combat

Weapons basics

Types of weapons in Metro Exodus

How to get ammo?

How to clean weapons?


How to get gas mask filters?

How do I get upgrades for armor, helmet and gas mask?


Will Artyom die in Metro Exodus?

How do the morality system work?

How to get good / bad ending?

How to make everyone survive?

How to save Duke’s life?

How to save Damir’s life?

How to save Alyosha’s life?

How to find the real Baron?

Will the game have Denuvo?

Is there a Fast Travel system in the game?

Can I return to previous locations?

How to check the objectives?

How to defend yourself in a boat?

What are the differences in difficulty levels?

What is the number in the lower right corner?

How to change the time of day?

How do I open locked doors?

How to find a teddy bear for the girl?

How to find a guitar?

How to find the battery charge controller?

—Achievements and trophies

List of all achievements trophies

The Angler Trophy


Epic Metro Exoduss Store, Steam and preorders

System requirements


All missions and objectives list


Visit Sewers

A journey with Anna through the city

Inside the enemy base

Hostile Train


Winter – Aurora


First steps

Escaping the Church

Looking for Krest

Rescuing Anna

Hangar with a big fish

A trip for the car

Theft of boats in port

Cultists’ Base


Visiting the bunker


Spring – Aurora

—The Caspian Sea

Searching for a car

The old lighthouse

Getting satellite maps

Getting the water

Firefight in the camp

The Baron’s Fortress


Summer – Aurora


First contact with the locals

Pioneers’ village

Bandits’ camp and cemetery

Stealing a boat and the Admiral

The path to the dam and Alyosha


Fall – Aurora

—Dead City

Way to the Metro

Walk through the metro

Kirill and expedition for medicine

The boat crossing

Hallucinations and blind beasts

—Side Missions


The Caspian Sea

—Maps, collectibles and upgrades

—Diaries and postcards


Winter and The Volga

Spring and Yamantau

The Caspian Sea

Taiga and Summer

Autumn and the Dead City

—Equipment Upgrades and Point of interest


The Caspian Sea

—Hideouts and workbenches


Caspian Sea


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