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this is not a game. Unoffical Guide.


Do I have to know previous games?

Which game to play first?

Disney characters and worlds

Which difficulty should I choose?

General tips

Combat in Kingdom Hearts 3

5 tips to win fights easily

List of Keyblades

Developing Sora and the rest of party

Desire and Power

Gummi ships

Trophy guide


How to unlock Hundred Acre Wood world?

Can I keep playing after storyline?

Running, Flowmotion and Airstepping

Is there Fast Travel?

How to unlock the secret ending?

How to earn lot of money in the game?

How to get Ultima Weapon?

How to level up to 99 level?

How to save the game?

How long is Kingdom Hearts?

How to get and send Postcards?


Descriptions of all worlds




A list of all meals

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