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this is not a game. Unoffical Guide.

—Game Guide


How to kill someone with a poison?

How to open every lock?

How to unlock the Sniper Rifle?

How to avoid cameras?

How to smuggle useful items?



System Requirements


—Nightcall (Hawke’s Bay)

Map of location and mission info

Preparations for arrival of the target

Murdering Alma Reynard


Challenges – Feats

Challenges – Exploration

—The Finish Line (Miami)

Map of location and mission info Miami

Story Missions

Assassination of Sierra Knox

The Assasination of Robert Knox

Challenges – Feats

Challenges – Exploration

Escape from the location

The most important outfits

How to disqualify Moses Lee?

How to acquire Moses Lee outfit?

Where to find lethal poison?

Where to find Kronstadt Octane?

—Chasing a Ghost in Mumbai

Map and information about the mission

How to easily identify the Maelstrom?

Story Missions

Assassinating the Maelstrom

Assassinating Vanya Shah

Assassinating Dawood Rangan

How to reach the Crows’ hideout?

Where can I sabotage the monitoring?

How to get a lethal poison?

—Three-Headed Serpent (Santa Fortuna)

Location’s map and mission info

Story Missions

Assassination of Jorge Franco

Assassination of Rico Delgado

Assassination of Andrea Martinez

Leaving the Santa Fortuna

How to get deadly poison?

Where can you disable monitoring?

Where can you find missing musicians?

—Another Life (Whittleton Creek)

Map and information about the mission

Where can I easily find three clues?

Story Missions

The Assassination of Nolan Cassidy

The Assassination of Janus

Leaving Whittleton Creek

How to acquire lethal poison?

Where to sabotage the surveillance?

—The Ark Society (Isle of Sgail)

Location map and mission details

Story Missions

Obtaining your first disguise

How to collect 10 unique coins?

Where can I sabotage the monitoring?

—Bonus missions

The Last Yardbird

—Trophy/Achievement Guide

Introduction and General Information

—Hitman 2

Base Game

Hawke’s Bay Achievements

Miami Achievements

Santa Fortuna Achievements

Mumbai Achievements

Whittleton Creek Achievements

Isle of Sgail Achievements

Himmelstein Achievements

—Hitman Legacy

Paris Achievements

Sapienza Achievements

Marrakesh Achievements

Bonus Missions Achievements

Bangkok Achievements

Colorado Achievements

Hokkaido Achievements

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