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this is not a game. Unoffical Guide.


All Servant List

Servant Tier List

Craft Essence Tier List

Reroll Tier List

Event List

Free Quest List

Free Quest each Singullarity

Item List

Rank Up Quests listed

Servants height & weight

Voice Actors List

—Beginner’s Guide

most efficient way to Reroll

Recommended Low Star servants

Complete guide to Ember farming

How to earn the most QP

How to level up Skills

How to perform Ascensions

How to earn Bond Points

How to raise Master Level

Support Setup tips

Fou Cards tips

How to get Mana Prisms

Recommended for Palingenesis

—Current Events

—CCC Special Event

CCC Event Guide

Beginner’s Guide

Free Quest Browse

Act I Guide

Act II Guide

Act III Guide

Act IV Guide

Closing Guide

Free Quest in Front

Free Quest in Back

Free Quest in BB

—Main Quests

—Pseudo-Singularity: Shinjuku

Shinjuku Guide

Main Quest Guide

Free Quest Guide

Summon Simulator

—Item – Best Farming Location

Proof of Hero

Evil Bone

Dragon Fang

Void’s Dust

Fool’s Chain

Deadly Poisonous Needle

Mystic Spinal Fluid

Seed of Yggdrasil

Ghost Lantern

Octuplet Crystals

Serpent Jewel

Phoenix Feather

Eternal Gear

Forbidden Page

Homunculus Baby

Meteor Horseshoe

Great Knight Medal

Shell of Reminiscence

Claw of Chaos

Heart of the Foreign God

Dragon’s Reverse Scale

Tearstone of Blood

Black Beast Grease

Spirit Root

Warhorse’s Young Horn

Lamp of Evil-Sealing

Scarab of Wisdom

Cursed Beast Gallstone

Primordial Lanugo

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