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This is not a game. Just Guide.



What’s new in Anno 1800?

Beginner’s tips


Development and dwellers’ needs

Scenario customization

How to colonize new islands?

How to buy islands from others?


Side missions

Game mods


System requirements

—City management

List of buildings

City attractiveness

Zoo and museum

Gathering resources

5 steps to build an epic empire


How to unlock more buildings and social classes?

How to get animals for Zoo and artifacts for Museum?

How to earn a lot of money?

How to improve city attractiveness?

How to rotate buildings?

How to unlock a new game session, Amazonia?

How to create fields for farms?

How to obtain items for ships?

What are Royal Taxes?

How to buy ships from others?

How do I move goods between my islands?

How to trade with others?


Chapter 1 – A Tale of Two Brothers

Chapter 2 – A Sign of Fire

Chapter 3 – Prosperity

Chapter 4 – The Torch Passes

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