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this is not a game. Unoffical Guide.

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All Characters List

Best Tier List

How To Unlock All Character

All Echo Fighter List

All Item List

All Pokemon / Pokeball List

All Assist Trophy List

Game Modes

Smash Mode

Classic Mode

—World of Light / Adventure Mode

Elite Smash Battles

World of Light – Walkthrough

Who To Pick In World Of Light

vs. Galeem (Light) Walkthrough

vs. Dharkon (Dark) Walkthrough

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Latest News & Updates

Ver 3.0 Update

Oh Yeah! Mario Time!

Ver 1.2.0 Update Summary

How to Get the Pikachu / Eevee Spirits

New Feature & Changes

How To Rematch Fighters

Fighter Pass Content & Details

How To Get Joker DLC

How To Get Piranha Plant DLC

—Beginner Tips

Top Tips To Get Better

Points Of No Return

How To Unlock Characters Fast

How To Play Multiplayer

Recommended Settings

—Advanced Tips

About Spirits

Leveling Spirits

Efficiently Get Spirits

Improve Global Smash Power

Compatible Controllers

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