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this is not a game. Unoffical Guide.

—Resident Evil 2 Guide

—Survival guide

How to create meds and ammunition?

Enemies and how to defeat them

Inventory management


How to defeat or avoid Tyrant?

How to save the game?

What’s the 2nd Run mode?

Where to find all Mr. Raccoons?

How to unlock all weapons

Where to find all weapon upgrades?

Where are the inventory upgrades?

How to increase inventory capacity?

How to open the police car’s trunk?

What to do with unnecessary items?

How to cut a chain blocking a door?

Where to find the blue key?

How to open a switch box (Leon)?

How to get a shotgun (Leon)?

How to barricade windows and what for?

How to recover the lost knife?



System requirements

Trophy Guide


—Basic informations

Differences Leon’s – Claire’s

Difficulty levels and ranks

—Raccoon City police station



Get the officer’s notebook

Get the blue key

Meet with the visitor

Collect 3 medallions

Undergrounds and the first boss

—Claire’s path

The Parking Garage – Claire

Escaping the station – Claire

Sherry in Orphanage

The road to the orphanage

—Leon’s path

Police parking garage – Leon

Escaping from the station – Leon

—Solving Riddles

Statue of a lion (Leon)

How to solve the Unicorn puzzle?

—Secrets and useful items

How to get a shotgun/grenade launcher?

Where I can find the red key?

Where I can find the pink key?

How to get the third weapon?

How I can open Leon’s desk?

How to open the safe?

Where I can find the buttons?

How to open the safe?

Locker combinations at police station



Ada Wong

Reaching the hideout

Find chess pieces – king and queen

Find a chess piece – tower

How to solve the chess pieces puzzle?

Boss fight – G2

—Solving Riddles

Picture puzzle in the sewers

—Secrets and useful items

How to get a flamethrower?

Where can I find the secret passage?

How to open the locked cabinet?

How to open the safe in the sewers?



Boss Fight – G3

Boss Fight – G4 (Claire)

Boss Fight – Tyrant (Leon)

—Secrets and useful items

How to get the second level clearance?

How to get the third level clearance?

Where can I find the hip pouch?

Where to find Flamethrower upgrades

How to use the Signal Modulator?

Where to find the terminal codes?

How to solve dispenser puzzle?

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