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—Weapon Tutorials

Sword Tips & Guide

Axe Tips & Guide

Hammer Tips & Guide

Chain Blades Tips & Guide

War Pike Tips & Guide

War Pike Tips & Guide

—Weapon Tier List

Top 5 Best Axes

Top 5 Best Chain Blades

Top 5 Best Hammers

Top 5 Best War Pikes

—vs. Behemoth Battle Guides

All Behemoth Fight Guides

How To Defeat Boreus

How To Defeat Charrogg

How To Defeat Drask

How To Defeat Gnasher

How To Defeat Embermane

How To Defeat Hellion

How To Defeat Kharabak

How To Defeat Koshai

How To Defeat Nayzaga

How To Defeat Pangar

How To Defeat Quillshot

How To Defeat Rezakiri

How To Defeat Riftstalker

How To Defeat Shrike

How To Defeat Shrowd

How To Defeat Skarn

How To Defeat Skraev

How To Defeat Stormclaw

How To Defeat Valomyr

—Game Database

Complete Weapon List

Complete Armor List

Best Cells List

All Consumable Items

—Beginner’s Tips & Guides

Beginner Tips

Cell Fusion Guide

Cell Farming Guide

Orb & Arcstone Farm Guide

Material Farming Guide

Crafting Weapons & Armor

Elemental Types System

How To Boop

About Mastery System

Level Up Mastery Fast

About Ramsgate Lobby

About Cores

Behemoth Difficulty

Hunt Ranking System

Enable & Disable Voice Chat

—Useful Information

Endgame Guide

Unlocking Exotic Gear

About Hunt Pass

About Skins & Emotes

About Character Creation

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