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—Story Walkthrough

All Story Walkthrough

Galleon Minerva ~ vs. Vepar

Arantville ~ vs. Zangetsu

Entrance ~ vs. Craftwork

Cathedral ~ vs. Andrealphus

Livre Ex Machina ~ vs. Valac

Towers ~ vs. Glutton

Bridge ~ vs. Bathin

vs. Bathin ~ vs. Abyssal Guardian

Hall ~ vs. Bloodless

Cathedral ~ vs. Alfred

Desert ~ vs. Doppelganger

Lab ~ vs. Orobas

Cave ~ vs. Zangetsu (2nd)

Oriental Lab ~ vs. Gebel

vs. Gebel ~ vs. Valefar

vs. Valefar ~ vs. Gremory

vs. Gremory ~ vs. Dominique

vs. Dominique ~ vs. Bael

—Game Database

Full Map

All Breakable Walls

Best Weapons

Best Equipment

Best Shards

All Enemy List

All Shards List

All Item List

All Weapon List

All Equipment List

All Accessories List

All Techniques List

All Side Quests

All Recipe Books Location

All Hair Apparent Locations

All Cheat Codes

All Trophies List

—Boss Fight Guide

All Boss Fights List

How To Find Kunekune

How To Beat OD

How To Beat IGA

How To Beat 8-Bit Overlord

vs. Millionaire’s Bane

vs. Revenant

vs. Master Carpenter

vs. Alfred

vs. Bloodless

vs. Dominique

vs. Zangetsu

—Advanced Guides

How To Farm Gold Fast

How To Farm XP Fast

How To Farm Gold Item Fast

How To Farm Orichalcum

How To Get Gebel’s Glasses

How To Get Solomon’s Ring

How To Get Recycle Hat

How To Unlock New Game+

End-Game Guide

Multiple Endings

Secret Room Bosses & Keys

Boss Medals Guide

—Useful Info

How Long To Beat Game

How To Double Jump

How To Cook

How To Upgrade Shards

How To Change Looks

Using 8-Bit Coins

Preparing For Hard Bosses

Points of No Return

Easter Eggs

All Playable Characters

How To Unlock Zangetsu

How To Get Ex Shovel Armor

Is There Coop Mode?

3rd Playable Character

DLC List & Guide

PC System Requirements

PC Keyboard Controls

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